How to Order Dominos Online

1. Visit our website at
2. Select Order Online
3. Choose Delivery or Carryout
4. Let us know what type of residence we are delivering to.
5. Input your Street Address, City, Province, and Postal Code.
6. Select continue to move on to the next step.
7. Under Order Settings on the right hand side please make sure store #10421
13, Young St. Alliston, ON is selected. If not hit change beside My Store
8. Once the correct store is selected. You can browse Popular Items to select
a quick meal. You can also selection Coupons and Promotions to browse our current
money saving specials and our every day deals.
9. Once you have selected a special or clicked on Build your Own Pizza you will
be prompted to begin by choosing the size and crust. Please note some crust
types are only available in certain sizes.
10. After you have selected the size and crust hit Next Step in the upper right
11. Next it is time to choose the cheese and sauce options. You can select light,
extra, double, or triple for both sauce and cheese. This is also the step to swap
out or traditional sauce for something a little different like Ranch, Alfredo,
Garlic, or BBQ.
12. Again hit Next Step in the upper right corner and you will be prompted about
Extra Cheese. Select Yes or No and you will be taken to the next page.
13. This step is where the toppings are added to the pizza. Select the white box
to add the displayed topping to your pizza and customize it to your liking.
When a topping is selected, options appear to allow for extra or light portioning
or have the selected topping on only half of the pizza.
14. Once you have all the toppings selected hit Add to Order in the upper right hand corner.
15. Please note on the right hand side of the screen a new box has appeared
called My Order. This will show all the items you have ordered.
16. Next add any Drinks, Chicken, Bread Sides, or Dipping Sauce. They all have
their own categories in the middle of the screen. They can also be found by
selecting Sides & Desserts and Drinks found on the top of the page.
17. Once you have added all the Pizzas, Sides, Drinks, and Desserts you need to complete your meal select the Check Out button.
18. You will be brought to a page to review your order. Please make sure your
meal has everything your family will need. Also confirm your address was
inputted properly and you have selected the proper Delivery/Carryout method.
If everything is correct Hit Continue Checkout
19. Put in any delivery Instructions you have for the driver such as Side Door or
any distinguishing features of your home.
20. Finally fill out your information including your First and Last name, Email,
and Phone Number. Indicate your payment method and select Place your order. Please note there are options to receive emails with our current offers and
special deals and you can also create a pizza profile to save your orders and
make ordering online even easier as it saves all your information.
21. After your order is place you will be able to track your Pizzas from start to
finish up to the point when the driver leaves the store or when your pizza is fresh
out of the oven!